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Advantages of real estate purchase

  • Receiving a Permanent Residence Permit
  • Receiving a Cypriot Passport (Citizenship)
  • Modern banking and legal system
  • Proximity of other countries, in the EU and Middle East
  • 57 beaches, awarded with the Blue Flag
  • Excellent healthcare system
  • High level of education
  • Cyprus is a full Member State of the EU
  • Developed telecommunication networks and infrastructure
  • Attractive taxation, within the framework of the EU system
  • Stable political and business environment
  • Life and work on the island throughout the year
  • Absence of the annual real estate tax
  • Reduced cost of the transfer fee
  • Along with the property, land is transferred (land plot or a land plot for agricultural uses).
  • Cosmopolitan lifestyle
  • Year-round air communication -2 International airports
  • Wonderful climate and ecology
  • Highly qualified and multilingual staff – 90% of the population speaks English
  • Beautiful nature and diverse landscape
  • Lowest crime rate in the EU
  • Rich history and traditions